Sounds of 2013

I can’t believe it’s already mid-January! Time is going faster than I realize. I was hoping to have this posted (with a couple more posts) before the New Year – but such is life with little ones, holidays and traveling. So – here it is a bit late… reflections on the past year through the … Continue reading

Pinterest Love: Recipes to try

My – I love Pinterest. I don’t feel near as bad about my small Pinterest addiction compared to Facebook. I’m no longer on Facebook (and do not miss it). I felt that Facebook did very little to better my day-to-day life – but Pinterest on the other hand has been so useful. I mostly follow … Continue reading

To learn from children

Sweet boy. Just had to share this recent conversation with Braddock. I have been attempting to transition Mianna to her crib for sleeping now that she’s 4 months old. For her first nap in the crib she cried for a bit… then finally fell asleep. This is the conversation that took place with sweet boy … Continue reading

Mianna: the first 3 months

Oh my – there’s so much to say about this little girl! What a delight she has been to us three! In randomness and pictures… here is what Mianna’s first 3 months have been like. Words that describe Mianna: peaceful, delicate, dainty, sensitive, gentle-spirited, content and happy. Those first 3 months she slept… alot. Sometimes … Continue reading

Back at it

Welp… after a 2 year break, I’m back at it again. I’ve been debating and turning over in my mind this idea to blog again. A million reasons why not to blog and a million reasons why to blog. Ultimately it came down to that I just feel compelled to record Mianna’s first year. There’s … Continue reading

Mianna’s birth story

Mianna’s due date was July 29th… but due to some health scares and a not-so-favorable family health history – we decided (with several other doctors) that it was best to go ahead and schedule an induction. My pregnancy was healthy and Mianna healthy… we just wanted her outside my body in case I experienced any … Continue reading

That’s all folks!

Well, I knew this time was coming… it’s time for this ole blog to fizzle out for good. For those of you who have facebook, you can watch Braddock grow there. And for those who love the videos, just check and there should be new videos of him weekly. Just search for my first … Continue reading

Video Wednesday: Fearless Braddock

I mentioned in the last post (Braddock @ 12 months) that Braddock is very adventurous… I am realizing just how adventurous he is… and rather fearless as well! Following are some videos to show just how fearless he is. You’ll see the size of this playground. Yes, it’s a preschool playground… but Braddock is barely … Continue reading

Braddock @ 12 months

I can’t believe it… our little baby is now 1 year old and not really a “baby” anymore. I just posted the last one of his monthly pictures, which have been increasingly harder for me to take seeing as he is rarely “still”. It’s crazy though to look through all those pictures and see how … Continue reading

Video Wednesday: You gotta see this!

In my attempt to capture Braddock saying “all done” – I succeeding in getting the cutest videos of him yet (not saying “all done” of course). This boy is such a ham! You gotta watch all 4 of these videos – they are too cute to pass up. I love the look on his face … Continue reading